When writing this line is when I complete the website http://tokyo-bhl.co.jp 03 English, Japanese and Japanese. I find it necessary to do better to serve customers more and more extensive.

I am Akimoto Tatsuya, general manager of TOKYO BUSINESS HUMAN LIFE CO., LTD. Our company specializes in Roro Shipping (Bulk Cargo), Auction Dealer all over Japan, Purchase Used Japanese Used Machinery …

Auction dealers across the territory of Japan

But above all, I saw and was most proud of being BHL and referrals for service due to its reputation and friendliness. In my opinion, business is multi-faceted. That is the reason we have existed and developed over the past 20 years.

TOKYO BUSINESS HUMAN LIFE CO., LTD. Tokyo BHL officially established on July 30, 1996 by Mr. Akimoto Tatsuya living in Japan founded. The Tokyo BHL Company is Headquarters at 347-0002 626 -2 Sotono Kazo City Saitama Ken and has branches at : 323-0818 1304-1 Tsukazaki Oyama City Tochigi Ken.

While Southeast Asia, Asia and Vietnam. Since it has been established in the process of industrialization and modernization, It is nice that it is nice that machines are of moderate value but their durability and efficiency are comparable to or Even better than those of Japan and Japan’s new machines.

However, to survive and develop in the past 20 years is not easy either. We have gone through many difficulties and challenges to go up.

Countries such as Laos, Myanmar (Country such as Country, Asia and Asia countries. , Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Australia … have different business culture and purchases. Therefore, the staff of the Tokyo BHL company must have adapt flexibly to each market.

The difficulty of The difficulty of. The difficulty of the difficulty of the budget Bad debt is a serious problem. So do not just find out the customer that solves the problem of language differences in the transaction.

New marketers fluctuations and trends are purchasing of used farm machinery, used products gradually are more competition. New arrivals of post-production Japanese models, low cost but cheap Japanese imitation. But the most frightening thing is that countries also want to develop machinery and equipment to limit the import of old furniture.

That people better than that return to the country see quality and effective Japanese goods, it is better to use goods, more than new goods that counterfeit. Machine tools are more in demand from Countries

Demand for high rise should be transferred to auction wholesale container shipping to countries. Then the company imported bulk goods and helped customers to bid for repurchase of consignments from Japan.

That was the driving force for help the company over the past 20 years.

The future direction of the company is a development service package auction for customers from Japan to Vietnam, Southeast Asia and then Asia … Or even, The countries of the world The demand for Japanese goods is related to Tokyo BHL.



Company Profile

Company name TOKYO BHL CO.,LTD
Established in July 30th, 1996
Management CEO Tatsuya Akimoto
Business Area Sales & Export of used construction equipment
Auction bid agency
Container stuffing
Capital 5,000,000JPY
Curio dealer license Saitama Public Safety Commission No.431240013027
Head office 624-2 Sotono Kazo City Saitama Ken 347-0002 Japan
Other offices Oyama Branch:1304-1 Tsukazaki Oyama City Tochigi Ken 323-0818 Japan