Buying used forklift

1. Clarify the need for forklift
What goods do you want to lift? The packing status (packed in blocks, or in barrels, etc.) for different types of vehicles offers different options for the type of vehicle, forklift or clamping device.
Know the actual lifting volume you need? To determine the vehicle load. Note that the normal vehicle load is only calculated on a 500 mm load center
Know the size of a pallet, Know your pallet size (if your pallet is in pallets)? To determine the lift length and pallet size will be related to the lifting center of the row
Know the height of lifting reality? Height of workshop doors, as well as workshop ceilings …
For example, a pallet of RxD size = 1,000 × 1,200 mm, if the fork is lengthened (1,200), the lifting center of the block will be 500mm, similar to the short fork, the lifting center will be 600mm.
This is important because the lifting center will directly affect the lifting capacity of the forklift truck. For example, a car 2.5 tons, frame V raising 3m, at 500 lifting center will raise 2,500kg, but with 600mm lift, the car only raised 2.260kg.
Do you use the car in the container? more or less? And take one or two pallets each time? – determine the type of chassis, usually if the equipment must operate in a container, you should request a type of lifting bracket between the two (or three floors).
The width of the fork lift The fact that the forklift path width depends on the size of the forklift, in order to know exactly the forklift width, please contact us to Be advised in detail in each specific situation.
The car that you plan to equip, it depends on the budget for the forklift, the size of the business or the attributes used … In fact, at present, Of the only one of the brands, such as TOYOTA, KOMATSU, MITSUBISHI, NISSAN, TCM … We agree that with higher-end vehicles, of course, more expensive, there will be a depreciation period. Be longer. But there are exceptions, such as equipment that has experienced natural disasters, fire and explosion … When buying the wrong equipment, although dating as well as external forms persuade you. It is also unlikely that you will be satisfied with the process.
The type of car you plan to equip: Forklift engine (oil or gasoline, gas) or electric forklift … Note that depending on the nature of work each forklift has different applications.
Oil lifters (gasoline, gas …): Suitable for outdoor or continuous working environment for long periods of time.
4-Wheel Drive Electric Forklift: Usually, a 1,500-kg four-wheel-drive vehicle requires 3,900 mm horizontal dimension to operate with a 1,000 * 1,200 mm pallet in the same vehicle. Lift the same engine. But there are additional advantages: No pollution, no noise, fuel savings, … The disadvantage of this device is that the operating time is usually less than 1 working 8 hours. And batteries should be replaced after 4-6 years of operation.
3-Wheel Electric Forklift: Compared to 4-wheel forklift, 3-wheel electric forklift can operate in 3,400 mm. This type of vehicle is often used in Drive-in racks or sometimes selective racks. (See also the introduction to industrial shelves)
Stand-up forklift: It requires 2,700 mm. Commonly used in selective drive systems or drive-ins. The advantage of this device is that it can operate in a narrow space, which increases the efficiency of warehouse use. But because of the small wheels, this car is usually cocooned terrain, less used outdoors, or used outdoors often cost the team wheels up very high.
The car you plan to equip: Each maker has its own strength, and it depends on the amount of your choice. In our experience, when it comes to buying used forklifts, it’s important to keep in mind the quality of the equipment, the zinc level of the device, The famous brand that the quality is too poor, or has been through many repairs, moderation details … will disrupt the operation at the enterprise and cost team.

2. Carry out the inspection, review the external factors
– Are the car’s structure distorted?
– Wheel too worn out?
– The lift is cracked, broken, worn too specified?
– Is it good?
– Lamps, trumpets, horns, signs, glasses of hatred still active?
– Does the hydraulic cylinder get stuck?
– In general, the more detailed the details, the better the better for us. If not, when to buy back warm memories “Why did not I look at that ?!”
Next we start the engine, listen for the engine blast, the engine creak, depending on the level and experience (headset), which we value the engine. And we also need to pay attention to the noise in the control valve, doing a series of operations where we hear louder noise, that proves the slip has worn out.