Daily check shovel maintenance – what to do

As we all know, it is important to eat, bathe and rest at the end of a working day. And the same machine. To be more durable, to work better, to last longer, in the workplace as well as at the end, let us take a short time to check and maintain the machine. The following website tokyobhl.com provides some basic operations for maintenance and inspection of daily excavator.

-Check before using the machine:
See if the lubricant has enough prescribed line? Oil is too dirty. Oil running (oil impact) is sufficiently strict rules. Check the screws, see if there are loose, no, there is no distortion. Is the hydraulic system detector? …

-Check in operation.
The rotation, noise, vibration, smell … is unusual.

-Check the maintenance after the operation is complete.
Flush the soil, clean the excavator parts. Particularly, crawlers, oil supply units, screws etc. are loose, dropped, distorted. When not working: lower the bucket, lower the ironing blade to the floor.