Currently you are in need of large bulk shipping. However, you still have not found the address that provides this service prestige and quality assurance? Then come to Tokyo BHL Co., LTD. Today for the most thoughtful service!

Do you need to ship bulk goods?

Bulk cargo is known to be bulk goods, bulk cargoes that do not have a container box that is stored directly or contained in the cargo hold itself. These items may be coarse, liquid cargo carried by specialized vehicles such as large vehicles, SK 09 crane trucks, large mines to carry out safe transportation, ensure newspaper.

Introducing RoRo Transportation Services at Tokyo BHL Co., LTD.

Tokyo BHL CO., LTD. Known as one of the most prestigious addresses that provide RoRo transportation service that many customers choose to trust. We will provide our customers with port-to-client services for the most professional, including:
+ Packing goods
+ Weighing, tallying goods
+ Inspection of goods
+ Freight
+ Freight forwarding

Tokyo BHL Co., LTD. Please ensure the whole process of loading and unloading will be done according to the schedule. At the same time, it is committed to the process of releasing goods quickly so that customers can save time, maximize the efficiency of work.

Along with years of experience in the profession, the staff has a high sense of responsibility. Customers will always receive absolute satisfaction, quality assurance and limit the possibility of loss during the packaging and transport.

What is the use of RoRo customer service?

+ Safe packaging process, careful
+ Staff come to pick up and delivery the right address
+ RoRo transportation services cover all areas, including roads and waterways

+ Goods inspection and verification team are experienced experts to ensure that the work is accurate and transparent
+ Carry out cargo care during packing and shipping
+ Have team to supervise the loading and unloading process, avoiding loss of volume and quantity
+ Customers are advised by reputable staff, and the most updated information is most involved
+ The price offered is always reasonable, competitive, and there are many incentives for customers to use the service continuously.