Things to note when handling earth and stone

1) When the bucket buckles down, can not move, can not be manipulated unreasonably. (Example: When the bucket buckled / met large rocks, can not move).

2) When the soil, sand, pour into the ax, pay attention not to bucket and hit the car. Do not turn too much necessary, do not turn suddenly hit the key lock …
3) The steering wheel handle: When the cylinder back to the mold, it is necessary to move the arm immediately, back to the “middle” position. If needed to drive in that position, oil temperature in the page Irritation will increase abnormally, causing bad effects.
4) The working conditions for this excavator are: flat ground. If there is concave, large stone … ironing flat before.
5) When shoveling heavy, heavy … use adjusting baler for shovel body, flat, or when operating in the right terrain slope, left … need to adjust the lifting and bucket near the front Face lift, lift and rotation adjustment will be easier.