At present, the purchase of old furniture is no stranger to the Vietnamese and Southeast Asian countries. Especially used items of Japanese technology and machinery. However, you know where the address is providing this prestigious and guaranteed service? Let’s learn through the following article offline!

Problems encountered when buying used Japanese machinery?

Buying old Japanese crochet hooks is extremely difficult for those without experience and expertise. You may encounter buyer-driven tactics such as:


Most users will not know the real price when buying used machinery. That is also why the unpopular units easily cut customers with high prices to earn more profits.


It is not hard to meet sales addresses in the form of snatch. They will remove the components that are still good in the machine and then replace the poor quality components instead. This will greatly affect the longevity, quality of the machine when you buy.
Find out where used Japanese used machinery sales
Tokyo BHL Co., LTD is a unit with many years of experience in providing used Japanese machinery products. All products are offered directly in Japan or in Vietnam to ensure genuine, quality, long life.

Especially, for customers who want to buy local products and find a place to buy. We will also send staff to help you with the necessary transactions, check the quality of products, bargain for the cheapest and transport to Vietnam and Southeast Asia vvv.vvv ..  safely.
In addition, the time of receipt will also depend on the place of purchase, the item you intend to buy. It usually takes between 5 and 7 days for you to receive your order.

Commitments from Tokyo BHL Co., LTD

+ We commit to, the implementation process is always simple, fast, quality.
+ Make delivery of goods in time agreed
+ The cheapest service cost market
+ Goods are absolutely safe
+ All goods are insured 100% of the value if damage occurs, loss.
All the requirements of customers about the purchase of old Japanese machines will be fully meet our needs.