Handling of Personal Information

TOKYO BHL CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) recognizes the importance of personal information and believes that appropriately handling and protecting our customers’ personal information is not only fundamental to our business activities but also a social responsibility. To this end, we have established the following Personal Information Protection Policy and are committed to its proper and secure management.

Personal Information Protection Guidelines

  1. Purpose of Use of Personal Information
    The Company is dedicated to the proper collection and use of personal information and will not use it for any purpose other than the following:
    ・For providing and operating our services.
    ・To respond to inquiries from our customers.
    ・For purposes related to the above usage objectives.

  2. Use of Cookies by Google Analytics
    This website uses Google Analytics, an access analysis tool provided by Google. Google Analytics uses cookies for data collection. This data is collected anonymously and does not identify individuals. You can refuse this data collection by disabling cookies, so please check your browser settings. For more details about these terms, please refer to the Google Analytics Terms of Service page and the Google Policies and Terms page.

  3. Implementation of Safety Management
    We strive to keep personal information accurate and up-to-date and take reasonable safety measures to prevent leakage, loss, damage, and unauthorized use. We provide necessary and appropriate supervision to employees and contractors handling personal information to ensure its safe management.

  4. Respect for Rights
    Except where required by law, we will respond to requests from the individual or their representative for disclosure, correction, deletion, or suspension of use of personal information. If we cannot comply with the disclosure, etc., we will notify you accordingly.

  5. Provision to Third Parties
    In principle, we will not provide personal information to third parties except with the individual’s consent or as required by law. However, when it is necessary to provide it to a third party for business reasons, we will clearly indicate this in advance.

  6. Addressing Complaints
    We will respond appropriately and promptly to complaints regarding the handling of personal information.
    Contact Tel: +81-480-68-3545

  7. Continuous Improvement
    To ensure effective implementation of personal information protection, we will periodically review our system and management and strive for continuous improvement.

  8. Compliance with Laws
    We will comply with applicable laws and norms related to personal information protection.

  9. Personal Information Protection Manager
    Tatsuya Akimoto

Established on April 1, 2022
CEO: Tatsuya Akimoto